יום שלישי, 18 במרץ 2014

New Rating Model

Here is another two minutes project with a lot to think about

You all know this. You buy a product or use a service and you are asked to rate your experience.   If you are kind enough, you are rating some feedback questions on a scale of one to five.  In some cases the sellers / providers already gave up on the 10 or 15 questions and they kindly ask you to quickly rate only three experience-values with 1 to 5 stars.
What about a different approach to experience rating?
We can still ask the user to place three or four stars according to their judgment, but manifest wider semantic meaning, by showing that by selecting one “best value” other related values with close enough meaning are being selected as well (yet, the selection of the related values is – of course – weaker).  See the demo below and try it.  In this way we can both communicate back to the user each selection and its meaning and enrich (or at least sharpen) the feedback data – all without asking too much additional interaction from the user, and with a fun and engaging, game-like, user interface. I do believe it will take another moment; it will encourage the user to revisit their response and think about it for another second; I don’t think it’s bad.

This is the demo:

Acknowledgement.  Special thanks to Dr. Yaakov Greenshpan for arranging the short workshop in which this idea came up and for his encouragement.
Disclaimer.  The above is only a conceptual idea for a new rating model that can be both beneficial and cool to interact with.  It should be tested, of course, and the semantic network should be elaborated and adjusted to the specific experience that is being rated.