יום ראשון, 23 בפברואר 2014

Two minutes project: UX is not only digital

This is something I prepared when I was 16 or 17 years old.  Only years later I’ve come to realize that it is actually a UX project and one with a lesson to learn.
The problem was the mess we got around the salt-shaker after feeding it with a teaspoon, and I’ve saved it by bending the teaspoon to fit with the salt-shaker opening (see the picture for before and after). Simple, isn’t it?  Why bother with writing about it?  And anyway, we could use a funnel to feel the shaker.
Well, you could have, but that’s exactly the point – with the bent teaspoon the process is much more efficient and precise, but the user need not learn anything new or to use any additional tool; they get to keep the very same workflow they are already accustomed to with an improved tool that supports them in achieving much better results.
Same workflow, same habit, but with a suitable tool – better achievements in less time!  Two-minute UX project with a lesson to learn. Done.